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Tuna Slayer
  • Tuna Slayer

    (3) Medium Aluminum tuna sticks w/ (1) Large Aluminum tuna stick

    • Weight: 9.5oz
    • Rigging: 18ft of 200# Mono w/ 10/0 needle eye hook
    • Comes with mesh wash-down bag.


    (3) Medium Stainless Steel tuna sticks w/ (1) Large Stainless Steel tuna stick

    • Weight: 22.75oz
    • Rigging: 18ft of 275# Braided Cable w/ 10/0 needle eye hook
    • Comes with mesh wash-down bag.

      Phenomenal daisy chain built to target Tuna, Dolphin, Sailfish and Wahoo.

      Available in aluminum and stainless.

    PriceFrom $119.95
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