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Stainless Steel Bullet

Stainless Steel Bullet

Large  Length: 14"   Weight: 23oz.

Medium  Length: 9.5"   Weight: 8oz.

Small  Length: 7.5"   Weight: 3oz.


    Red Eye Trolling Lures are manufactured in the U.S.A. from aircraft quality aluminum and stainless steel. High-precision CNC machined and designed to produce incredible action at the surface or sub-surface. These Aluminum lures are polished and bright dipped anodized to prevent salt water corrosion. All our skirts are hand-tied for easy replacement, and made from high quality vinyl. All products are lead-free and environmentally safe.

  • Sizes

    Large- The ultimate high speed lure. Highly recommended to fish with wire-line setup. Rigging recommendations: 2- 10/0 hooks offset 180°, designed for use with 6' 480# braided cable.

    Medium- This is a tried and true performer used for high speed techniques, this lure has additional weight, just for that purpose. This is ideal for your flat line set-up, trolled naked or used with your favored bait. Rigging recommendation: 2-8/0 hooks in-line or 180 degree offset, designed for use with 6’ – 275# braided cable.

    Small- At twice the weight of its Aluminum counterpart, this lure allows you to hit higher speeds, travelling deeper, to target different species. Best used in rougher seas at higher speeds, this lure works great off the outriggers using a small Ballyhoo or trolling naked. Rigging recommendation: 1-6/0 hook, designed for use with 6’ – 275# braided cable.

PriceFrom $29.95
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