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Green Aluminum Tuna Stick
  • Green Aluminum Tuna Stick

    Large  Length: 6"   Weight: 5oz.

    • Rigging: 200# Mono, 10/o needle eye hook

    Medium  Length: 4"   Weight: 1.5oz.

    • Rigging: 200# Mono, 9/o needle eye hook

    Small  Length: 2"   Weight: 0.5oz.

    • Rigging: 200# Mono, 4/o needle eye double fanged hook

      Looking for a secret weapon? Look no futher than the catch-all tuna stick. The sardine shape provides maximum flash at a variety of trolling speeds. Machined from the highest quality materials for unmatched durability. Incredibly effective lure with endless versatility.

      This is the “Perfect” center rigger set-up. You can troll it up close in the prop wash, or you can send it to another zip code. This has got the perfect silhouette of a Baitfish and with the design of a heavier nose, the action you get from this lure is why its called the secret weapon.

      • Rigging recommendation: Designed for use with 6’ – 200# mono.
    Color: Green
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