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Black Aluminum Bullet
  • Black Aluminum Bullet

    Large  Length: 14"   Weight: 11oz.

    Medium  Length: 9.5"   Weight: 4oz.

    Small  Length: 7.5"   Weight: 1.5oz.


      Large- When you fish for “Big Game” fish with “Big Bait”, this lure is massive in size and depending on your skirt choice can represent natural baitfish located throughout the year, it allows the option of using a Horse Ballyhoo and Tinker Mackerel or troll it naked with a double 10/0 hook rig offset 180 degree, designed for use with 6’ – 200# mono.

      Medium- This is another great piece to troll. It allows you to kick it up a notch while still keeping your bait in the water. A pair of these off your flat lines gives the appearance of chasin’ bait, which is critical when displaying a power spread. Rigging recommendation: 2-8/0 hooks either “in-line” or offset 180 degree and designed for use with 6’ – 200# mono.

      Small-Moves quietly through the water darting in & out, and up and down. This lure is going to run just below the surface, so keep your colors light & bright. The “BULLET SERIES” is nice for your outriggers because it has less drag and still allows you to rig it with a small Ballyhoo or Bellystrip. Rigging recommendation: Single 6/0 hook, designed for use with 6’ of 200# mono.

    Head Color: Black
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