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Aluminum Jet Head
  • Aluminum Jet Head

    Large  Length: 14"   Weight: 8oz.

    Medium  Length: 9.5"   Weight: 3oz.

    Small  Length: 7.5"   Weight: 1oz.


      The Large is the “perfect” Billfish bait. It is 14” long and the profile allows for extra large baits, like Tinker Mackerel and Horse Ballyhoo to be trolled just under the surface (3-5 feet). The smoke trail this lure produces is absolutely incredible. Imagine 30’ worth of smoke all carrying the scent of your favorite dead baits. Rigging recommendations: 2-10/0 hooks offset 180 degree, designed for use with 6’ – 200# mono.

      The Medium is designed to be trolled at normal speeds (6-8 knots) with a Ballyhoo or a spilt-tail Mullet.  Works best when used on a flat line or a downrigger, producing bubble trail turbulence below the surface. Rigging recommendation: 2-8/0 hooks at 90 degree offset or 180 degree offset, designed for use with 6’ – 200# mono .

      The Small is a proven dolphin killer that can be fished in a variety of ways. The most common rig is a single 6/0 hook spaced mid-length in the skirt, and designed for use with 6’ length of 200 # mono. You can use a small Ballyhoo or Bellystrip off your outrigger to produce an awesome bubble trail that is sure to create a frenzy at the back of the boat.

    PriceFrom $26.95
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