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777 Stainless Steel Bullet
  • 777 Stainless Steel Bullet

    Length: 16"   Weight: 48oz.

    Rigging: 480# Cable, 10/o stainless steel hook


      The 777 is of the highest quality “High Speed” trolling lure on the market. It is machined out of billet 300 series Aircraft Quality Stainless Steel and undergoes a mirror polish process prior to being passivated for ultimate protection against the salt water environment. It has 2 Vinyl skirts that are hand tied on for the best bait presentation and easy replacement.

      • The design features a built in “Keel” weight that mimics a natural bait fish swimming pattern, it also was designed to allow the water flow to exit the head in several different ways, minimizing the drag produced with such a heavy artificial bait. 
      • Gear recommendations: Minimum of a 50 wide, preferably an 80 wide.

      This lure is capable of running at the 25′-35′ water column depths at 17-25 knot trolling speeds.

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